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Our Mission and Goal

CentrePeace promotes Restorative Justice by modeling programs based on healing brokenness rather than on vengeance- centering on peace rather than fear, offering avenues of accountability rather than alienation.

The Mission of CentrePeace is to promote Restorative Justice and decrease victimization in our communities by offering training and avenues to peace, healing, responsibility and accountability for offenders.

Our Goal is to improve attitudes and capabilities of prison inmates through productive work and training in job and social skills. We provide ways for offenders to take responsibility for their lives, resolve problems non-violently and treat others with dignity and respect. They learn that habits, attitudes and beliefs can be changed for the better. We've learned that punishing people by locking them away does little to halt the cycle of crime and violence. Instead, we offer a way to be a contributing member of a working community.