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The Volunteers

CentrePeace volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization.  Without them, we simply would not exist.

Our volunteers do a little bit of everything at CentrePeace.  That’s why there is ALWAYS room for new volunteers. Each person that applies to be a volunteer goes through a short interview process so that we can find out what you want and like to do, then use that information to place you in an appropriate volunteer role.  If you’re not sure what you’d like to do, we will match you in an area that most closely matches your talents and experience.

CentrePeace volunteers do everything from price used household goods, to sorting the same, to cleaning merchandise, to serving as a cashier in our Outlet Showroom, to assisting in the training and teaching of our Non-Violent Conflict Resolution courses, to helping us with the general upkeep of the facility.

Each year we recognize our army of volunteers by hosting a luncheon in their honor.  We also award an outstanding individual each year as CentrePeace’s “Volunteer of the Year”.

Volunteering at CentrePeace will unquestionably change and impact your life in ways that you will not imagine. If you are interested in our volunteer opportunities, please email us at , or phone us at (814) 353-9081 for more information or an application.


-And thank you.